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Saturday22 September 2018

France Telecom – Orange Lab

logo orangeOrange Labs networks

The Orange Labs network has 18 locations on three continents: China, South Korea, United States, France, Japan, Poland and United Kingdom and recently Egypt and Jordan. Its presence in these research hotspots enables the group to keep at the forefront of technological advances and developments in uses around the world. The group is also committed to building up an "ecosystem" of first-rate laboratories and taking part in various joint programs on key areas, including network convergence, home services and the future of mobiles.

Strength of the research and development system

Strategic marketing efforts are based on the strength of research and development systems. With over 3,800 researchers, engineers and scientists, it sees around 500 inventions patented each year (and over 8,400 patents filed). The Group is committed to providing its customers with the best of technology as soon as it becomes available, while factoring in the next technological generations. Thanks to its ability to anticipate developments and trends, R&D is able to detect major technological shifts and changes well in advance, as well as potential new developments. In this way, it has been behind a number of major breakthroughs on services, such as 'Machine to Machine' which uses mobile networks to communicate between machines, as well as on networks and access. Indeed, R&D is already working on the future generation of mobile networks for increased speed, services and content.

Website: www.orange.com

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