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Wednesday15 August 2018

Technologies & Standardisation

Technologies and Standardisation

WDM-PON might not get standardised before 2020.

That doesn’t mean standards work has stalled. On the contrary, the Full Service Access Network (FSAN) group is expected to publish a white paper soon on the technical options for the next-generation of PON standards, which go under the working title of NG-PON2. FSAN’s job is to get everyone to agree upon a single proposal, which it then passes to the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) for standardisation.


Five approaches being considered are what might be termed “true” WDM-PON, in which each customer terminal receives a single dedicated wavelength. These approaches fall into two broad categories: tunable-laser-based systems, and “seeded” approaches, where a broadband light source passes through an arrayed waveguide grating (AWG) to create “seed” signals that transmitters can lock onto.

An alternative approach, tipped as the favourite, is “stacked XG-PON” – essentially four XG-PON systems operating at different wavelengths on the same fibre. XG-PON is the 10Gbps successor to GPON, so this approach would have a total capacity of 40Gbps downstream and 10Gbps upstream, shared among all subscribers on that branch of the PON.

For further information: WDM-PON Standards: Playing the Long Game



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