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Wednesday15 August 2018

Next Generation Access Network

Next Generation Access Network

Gigabit Passive Optical Networks (PONs) are currently being deployed by several operators in several countries and are currently one of the fastest available access technologies. They have thus a key role in delivering high bandwidth services to any type of users.

 The Gigabit solution has now a follow-up in standards, a new PON generation driven by the enhancement of the delivered bandwidth. This next coming wave of PON systems is based on a 10 Gbit/s transmission technology known as XG-PON (ITU G.987 series). The recommendation of the asymmetric version named XGPON1 (10G/2.5G) is available now. Some initial field trials have been already done in 2010. This confirms the feasibility of XG-PON's coexistence with commercially deployed G-PON systems.

We are now starting in FSAN (Full Service access Network) the discussions of what would be a new era of access networks, known as the "Next Generation PON2". The aim is to focus on the additional features and tools for extending the applicability of the XG-PON technologies. Moreover, under the generic term "NG-PON2″, FSAN started an investigation on upcoming technologies enabling a further bandwidth increase and able to solve the issues encountered in the "G-PON" and "10G" PON technologies deployments. NG-PON2 will also study new architectures that might involve some affordable plant evolutions, to take the benefit of the maturing WDM technologies and the necessary adaptations for the access.

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