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Tuesday17 July 2018

What 5G can do for you?

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By 2020 there will be more than 30 times as much mobile internet traffic as there was in 2010.

This will not be the same type of traffic as now - Internet usage will not only have grown thanks to the number of smartphones & tablets in use, but also because of the massive growth in machines and sensors using the Internet to communicate, and which require more efficient and ubiquitous technology to carry the data traffic.

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Vice-President of the European Commission @NeelieKroesEU says it’s important to understand 5G mobile will be more than just the next step beyond today’s 4G networks. “It will also offer totally new possibilities to connect people, and also things – being cars, houses, energy infrastructures. All of them at once, wherever you and they are."

According to the roadmap of the 5G Public-Private Partnership, 5G standards will allow: wireless capacity, energy savings, service creation time, connections.

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